Senin, 25 Februari 2013

youre the everything

Cruising when the sun goes downAcross the seaSearching forSomething inside of me
I will find all the lost piecesHeart will feelDeep and realI was blind but now i see
*Yeah…You`re the one [2x]Yeah…I can`t live without u
Take me to your placeWhere our hearts belong togetherI will follow youCause you`re the reason that i breathe
I`ll come running to youFeel me with your love foreverPromise you one thingI will never let you goCause you are my everything
You're the one, you're my inspirationYou're the one,oh yes you're the oneyou're the light that would keep me safe and warmYou’re the one, yess, you’re the one
Like the sun goes downcoming from above allto the deepest ocean and highest mountaindeep and real deep i can see now
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